The 5 Reasons you should try The Wild Diet

The Wild Diet isn’t technically a diet and is really rather simple, it builds upon the principles of the Paleo philosophy, foods which our early human ancestors would likely have thrived on.  It means going back to basics, eating fresh, un-processed food cooked from scratch but not sacrificing time, money or enjoyment.

Like most people I have tried a few of the food crazes that sweep through our world periodically. I’ve got a jar of coconut oil in the cupboard which gets forgotten about in place of standard veg or olive oil and a juicer which was used religiously for about 2 months and is now lurking in the back of the cupboard, a nagging reminder of the ease with which we buy in to foodie trends, often endorsed by celebrities (which means they must work right?!).

I’ve always avoided the more extreme diets as I believe a balanced intake of food with a bit of exercise is probably the way to go in maintaining a healthy body and let’s be honest following strict regimes is hard work and really rather dull. Food should be about nourishing your body,  taking on fuel for your busy life and satisfying your mind.



You can find some great recipes on the BBC Food website.

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