5 Reasons you should try The Wild Diet

The 5 Reasons you should try The Wild Diet

The Wild Diet isn’t technically a diet and is really rather simple, it builds upon the principles of the Paleo philosophy, foods which our early human ancestors would likely have thrived on.  It means going back to basics, eating fresh, un-processed food cooked from scratch but not sacrificing time, money or enjoyment. Like most people […]

Finding the perfect sofa can be hard, it needs to be comfortable and practical but needs to look great too. Read my post to help guide you through deciding on the right size, shape, colour and fabric for your perfect sofa.

5 House Plants for Every Home

You may have seen my post 5 Top Tips for Outdoor Living …well, the weather has turned so I thought I’d look at bringing the plants indoors with my 5 favourite house plants as well as, I hope, providing some inspiration for including plants in your home. Boston Fern – Regarded as the best plant to have in […]

Big Dreams Small Spaces

Two years ago we appeared on the BBC 2 programme ‘Big Dreams Small Spaces’ with Gardener’s World favourite Monty Don.  This came about because I saw a Tweet from the production company requesting applicants for the show and at this point my Mum was just starting a difficult chapter in her life, living by herself […]

Inspired by Nature

I had planned on writing about bringing a bit of luxury into your home with a post about ‘hotel chic’ but having spent the most magical of days in Somerset last week I couldn’t bring myself to think too deeply about decadent wallpaper, sumptuous bedding and metallic accessories. Instead I am desperate to remain in […]

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5 Top Tips for Outdoor Living

My first post!  We’ve been experiencing some typically changeable British weather this week but I thought I would start on a hopeful note with a fresh, summery Top 5. 1   Zone your space You may have a huge plot or be working with something not much larger than a postage stamp, either way think […]